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Decentralized smart contract platform for creating and connecting CBDCs, Enterprise Applications, Apps, and Digital Assets

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Season of Killer Apps

We are one of the first blockchain companies to develop real, tangible blockchain applications with the world’s largest Internet company, Google, and the world’s largest Human Resource firm and Fortune 500 company, Randstad. Read More

Our most important innovation, decentralized identity layer, combined  with our permissionless consensus and smart contracts, serve as the key foundation for future CBDC integration and other potential applications

We have already shifted our focus from general consensus  about “thousands of TPS”, “blockchain trilemma”, or “sharding” to real killer apps, which are considered the Holy Grail of blockchains

2020 is seen as the beginning of blockchain’s mainstream adoption and we are already at the frontier of this new revolution

Thriving Ecosystem amidst the Market Downturn


Public Confidence | Legacy Integration | Real World Application


Speed | Security | Decentralization

  • Interoperability Solution for China’s DC/EP
  • Enterprise blockchain application with Randstad on Google
  • First Public & Permissionless expression of the HotStuff Algorithm (adopted by Facebook’s Libra in permissioned way)
  • Blockchain advisor for the European Central Bank, Central Bank of the Netherlands, Bank of France, People’s Bank of China, and Federal Reserve Board

Times are Changing

The Biggest Use Case of Blockchain will not be Bitcoin, 
but CBDCs

CBDC Market

Next Trillion Dollar Market

Approximately $37 trillion USD in circulation around the world. In the next few years, we believe that all paper fiat currencies will be digitized. Cypherium is integrating its solutions to the newly realized CBDC financial system and will capitalize in this multi-trillion dollar market opportunity

China has already started testing CBDCs while the European Central Bank and Bank of France are experimenting with CBDCs

Digital Currency Interoperability
Framework (DCIF)

  • CypherLink:
    Notary scheme cross ledger framework
  • Cypherium Connect:
    Third party plugin module for banking systems
  • Cypherium Validator:
    Verification machine
  • Cypherium ID:
    Decentralized ID authentication system
  • 24/7/365 available, real-time intermediary for exchanging digital currencies, including CBDCs, Bitcoin, Alt-coins, and Stable-coins like Libra 
  • ISO 20022 compliant and can seamlessly be embedded with the the current financial system

OMFIF Digital Monetary Institute – Round Table Discussions

Bank of England

European Central Bank

Although COVID-19 has stagnated much of the world’s economic activity and professional engagement, we have taken proactive measures to prepare for the CBDC revolution. In addition to our DC/EP use case, we are advising a series of virtual discussions on the “Future of Money” with the world’s Central Banks

So far, we have advised virtual meetings with the Central Bank of the Netherlands, the European Central Bank, the Bank of France. We have more round tables scheduled for the coming weeks. We are also meeting with the Federal Reserve Board and the People’s Bank of China to further integrate our services

Cypherium is Libra Going Permissionless

Cypherium’s CypherBFT is based on the same consensus algorithm as Libra’s LibraBFT, HotStuff, and we enable full permissionless membership with our proprietary reconfiguration mechanisms. We have filed patents for our inventions and can be viewed at Github


  • 2,500 – 5,000 TPS in Testnet /10,000 + TPS in Mainnet
  • Fees < $0.1 USD
  • Instant Finality
    (0-3 seconds due to network latency)


  • Resistant to Sybil & 51% Attacks
  • Byzantine Fault Tolerant
  • Sandbox Security Isolation 


  • Full Nakamoto decentralization through Proof-of-Work
  • Low Barrier to Developer Adoption

Cypherium Virtual Machine (CVM)

Smart Contracts Built on Principles of Familiarity & Necessity

JVM Architecture

JVM based operating system, like Android applications, can be seamlessly integrated with traditional mobile and web apps

Mobile Compatible

Android OS + Apple iOS 

Multiple Programming Languages

Java, Python, Ruby, R, and more

Fixed Point Representation

Embedded Computer Chip Compatible 

Built-in-Safety Checks

VM Level Safemath Safety Checks

Fast Data Types

Supports 64-bit Integers

Cypherium Token (CPH)

Tokens to Power our Innovation

  • Smart Contracts

  • Transactions

  • dApps

Multi Governance & Customized Protocols

Our Participants are the network, and our governance aims to reduce conflict and foster participation

Level Governance

Freedom for Developers to create, explore, and revise Smart Contracts & Applications

Level Governance

Freedom for Miners to adjust protocol parameters such as block size, miner fees, and virtual machine stack depths

| Mobile Wallet

a mobile-first philosophy

Front End Features

Current Features
  • Mini program plugin for Smart Contracts
  • CPH management and exchange
Future Integration
  • Basket of digital currencies including CBDCs, Stablecoins, Altcoins, and Bitcoin
  • Blockchain Explorer and Information Aggregation tools
  • Mobile Light Node
  • Double-offline payment

Future Objectives


An instant ledger to process
real-time transactions for billions of users
A smart contract platform to enable
enterprise use cases for all industries
A trusted database to connect
isolated data islands around the world
An open network to enfranchise
any participant or contributor
A secure vault to combat the increasing
threats to data privacy

Executive Team

Sky Guo

Chief Executive Officer

  • UN Blockchain Adviser
  • Caixin Media Columnist
  • Nasdaq Blockchain Analyst
Dr. Solomon Zhang

Chief Technical Officer

  • Designed Cypherium’s high-level architecture and data structure
  • University of Science and Technology of China – Ph.D.
  • University of Massachusetts Amherst – Scholar

Business Team

James Chang

Head of Business Development

  • Cornell University – B.S.
Jake Orbison 

Blockchain Researcher

  • Yale University – B.A.
  • University of Cambridge – M.Phil. 
Hobai Gong

Business Development Manager

  • Columbia University – B.A.


Jeremy Gardner
Partner at
Ausum Ventures

2017 –  Present

  • Director for the College Cryptocurrency Network 
  • Founder at Augur
Victor T. Samuel
CEO at 
NV Global Ventures

2020 –  Present

  • JD at Brooklyn Law School
  • Founder & CEO at NV Global Ventures
Emin Gün Sirer
Professor at
Cornell University

2017 –  2019

  • CEO at Avalabs 
  • Co-Director of the Initiative for Cryptocurrencies and Smart Contracts (IC3). 
Javier Farfan
Principal, Strategic Adviser at
J Wolf Advisors 

2019 –  Present

  • Senior Marketer at Verizon, PepsiCo, and Microsoft. 
  • Former CMO at Cypherium 
Bryan Ford
Professor at Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne (EPFL).

2019 –  Present

  • Director at Decentralized / Distributed Systems (DEDIS) lab ) 

Development Team

Dr. Sicong Zhuang

Senior Blockchain Engineer

  • Researched and designed Cypherium’s VM feature
  • Barcelona Supercomputing Center – Ph.D.  
  • IBM Zurich Lab –  Researcher
Dr. Ares Xe Yu 

Senior Blockchain Engineer

  • Researched and designed Cypherium’s fault tolerance feature
  • Amazon Web Services Product Development and Software Engineering – Team Leader
  • University of Massachusetts, Amherst – Ph.D.
QianDong Yang

Senior Blockchain Engineer

  • Architected Cypherium’s consensus layer and smart contract layer
  • Huawei Technology – Blockchain Lead
Ron Liu

Senior Blockchain Engineer

  • Developed Cypherium’s blockchain explorer
  • Zx Ventures  – Senior Full Stack Developer 
  • Seek  – Senior Developer
Hui Zhou

Senior Blockchain Engineer

  • Researched and implemented Cypherium’s network layer and mining algorithm
  • Chipcoo – Full-stack web engineer
  • Invetech Pty. Ltd – Embedded software engineer 
Jaxon Zeng

Senior Blockchain Engineer

  • Deployed the Cypherium test environment to over 100 distributed  servers
  • Changsha University of Science and Technology – B.S.
Luke Lu

Senior Blockchain Engineer

  • Developed  Cypherium’s core system architecture, including consensus protocols and operating mechanisms
  • Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunication – B.S.
Mohan Ananthakrishnan

Senior Blockchain Engineer

  • Developed Cypherium’s Java Smart Contract Compiler and Translator
  • Microsoft Product Development and Software Engineering Team Leader

” I really can recommend this theme, because it’s coded very well and with the Tatsu page builder it’s really easy to build your own website! Also it’s updated regularly and new functions are added! “

Jane Doe
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I really can recommend this theme, because it’s coded very well and with the Tatsu page builder it’s really easy to build your own website! Also it’s updated regularly and new functions are added!

Jane Doe
Creative Director

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Token Allocation

Round 1 Pre-sale
400,000,0005%Apportioned at Mainnet Launch
Public Sale300,000,0004%Apportioned at Mainnet Launch
Partners & Final Presale200,000,0002%Apportioned at Mainnet Launch
Team Reserve1,848,000,00022%Vesting for 2 Years upon Mainnet Deployment
Marketing672,000,0008%Vesting, with exceptions for Necessity Use
Operations1,008,000,00012%Vesting, with exceptions for Necessity Use
Treasury for Future Use2,400,000,00028%Vesting, with exceptions for Necessity Use
Miners1,600,000,00019%Apportioned over 10 years a, 5% Rate of Inflation
(accrued 10 years)
8,400,000,000100%900,000,000 CPH
Initial Mainnet Supply

*130,000,000 CPH

Anticipated Circulating Supply at Mainnet Launch (Pre-sale + Public Sale + Partners & Bounty)

**Numbers are approximate

For better understanding of our token valuation, please read this article: Rationale for Valuation

How To Participate

About the Cypherium Public Sale

Thank you for your interest in our public sale. The token sale registration opens on September 9, 2020 at 10:00PM Pacific Time (UTC-7), with the sale taking place on September 14, 2020. The sale will be conducted via the TokenSoft Platform. Every participant must complete KYC process by submitting required documents. No residents of China, Malaysia and United States are allowed to participate.

In this public sale, a total of 300 million tokens will be sold. At the advice of our developers, this is a significant reduction from our original announcement, which anticipated a release of 400 million. The sale will be conducted in two phases. Phase 1 will sell 200 million tokens at 0.25 USDT per CPH. After that point, we will move onto Phase 2, in which 100 million tokens will be made available at a price of 0.28 USDT per CPH. Any leftover tokens will then be reallocated to the Cypherium ecosystem fund for use at a future date. 

Token Distribution

We plan to release 10% of our presale allocation (600 million) and 20% public sale allocation (300 million CPH) at the time of our mainnet deployment. We’re thinking about this as an “initiation period,” and we plan to adopt this time-frame to ensure that the network is running as promised and expected. After this initiation period, the rest of the tokens will be distributed in total six months.

Month0 (Mainnet Launch)123456
Presale (600m CPH)10%10%15%20%20%15%10%
Public Sale (300m CPH)20%10%10%15%15%15%15%

This highly anticipated moment is the culmination of a very eventful year for our network.

As custodians of our early investors’ capital and trust, we have been at work perfecting our technology, while the crypto space accumulated the attention and respect it truly deserves. We are elated to finally offer this product to the public.

How To Receive Your CPH Tokens

You will be asked to generate your CPH wallet address using Cypherium Wallet. No payment will take place during the registration period. Token purchase agreement will be provided at the time when you make payment. Cypherium Wallet will be available to download on the payment page. Your CPH tokens will be automatically funded to your CPH wallet address once CPH mainnet is live.

What Makes Our Tech Different

Cypherium presents a dual chain structure that combines Bitcoin’s original Proof of Work with the HotStuff algorithm, recently adopted by Facebook’s Libra. This also allows our network to reach speeds beyond even those of Mastercard and Visa, without sacrificing the principles and security of decentralization. However, Cypherium has set its sights far beyond speed, or even scalability, towards the realization of a new, decentralized world. As a smart contracting platform, the Cypherium Virtual Machine runs Java, the most commonly used coding language in the world. This unlocks billions of legacy devices waiting to be empowered by the world of blockchains. (Check out our proprietary designs at Cypherium Patents) This is just the foundation; there is so much more to our technology that makes our network one of the capable, most versatile blockchains to date. 

For example, Cypherium has developed it’s Digital Currency Interoperability Framework (DCIF) in response to learning first hand of the challenges and objectives of central banks across the globe as they begin their experiments with digital currency. Our framework is a novel approach that consists of six major bodies: the central bank, CypherLink (a notary mechanism based on the InterLedger protocol), Cypherium Connect (a third-party plug-in module for banking systems), Cypherium Validator (a verification machine), a mediation institution, and finally, front-end users. This structure maintains the autonomy and integrity of the central banks by allowing them not to carry directly their users, issue or distribute CBDC units, nor supervise the transfer of CBDC. The DCIF critically protects the banks, and in turn, the national economies they support. This is just one example of what can be built on top of the public framework that will accompany the Cypherium mainnet when it launches soon in 2020.

Ours is the perfect blockchain for developers of any industry to experiment under the safest conditions possible. We strongly encourage anyone interested to get involved in our communities, to download our software, and to see what our network has to offer.

Cypher tokens (CPH), now being made available for purchase in our public sale, are utility tokens used to operate the Cypherium network. It is with these tokens users can pay for the resources required to execute contracts and record transactions.

Disclaimer: Proposals and public papers do not constitute endorsement, recommendation, or partnerships by any party.


Road Map


  1. February 2017
    Cypherium White Paper

  2. August 2017
    Cypherium Development  


  1. January 2018
    Partnership: IC3

  2. February 2018 
    Pre-sale Round 1

  3. March 2018 
    Cypherium Virtual Machine

  4. September 2018 
    Cypherium Enterprise


  1. January 2019
    Public Test Net & Explorer

  2. May 2019
    Partnership: IBM & Amazon

  3. June 2019
    Partnership: USFPC

  4. August 2019
    Partnership: Google


  1. February 2020
    Use-Case: Randstad on Google Cloud 

  2. March 2020
    Partnership: Chainlink

  3. April 2020
    Partnership: Microsoft

  4. May 2020
    Partnership: OMFIF

    (Official Monetary and Financial Institutions Forum)

  5. Q2-Q3 2020
    • Final Token Presale

    • Mainnet Net Launch
    • Token Distribution

  6. Q4
    Joint Research with Industry Leaders


  1. 2021
    • Implement Parallel Processing

    • Adapt Private Computing
    • Generate more enterprise use cases
    • Form an alliance with central banks, commercial banks, enterprises, and key industry players

  2. 2022
    • Integration with IoT, Smart Cities

    • Establish Cypherium Research Institute  

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